You may have missed out on taking Lindsey Vonn on Valentine's Day, but the fact is that she's a single Minnesota girl and looking to date. A Minnesota guy would only make sense!

You'd think that an Olympic super star like Lindsey Vonn would have no problem getting a date, but if you spend a day in her shoes you might understand why she'd be tough to date. She's an author, Olympian, fitness guru, news correspondent, and whatever else she has going on in a given day. With this kind of schedule, you can only imagine how much time is left for dating somebody.

If you're wondering what kind of response she got from single guys, here's just a couple of the THOUSANDS of men that would jump at the chance to go on a date with her:

Or this one...

My favorite response came from her Olympic team mates, who've got some good Photoshop skills...

Wondering the level of men Lindsey Vonn seems to enjoy the company of? Well, she was in a relationship with a Rams NFL coach, Kenan Smith last year. She also had a serious relationship with Tiger Woods for a couple years before it ended in 2015. Who knows though...if she took to Twitter to ask for a date, she might be up for a good ole Minnesota guy!?!?

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