Business Insider recently asked readers to name the "one architectural eyesore" they resented the most in their own state. Results are in, and Minnesotans by and large agree that the ugliest building in Minnesota is...

...the Weisman Art Museum on the U of M campus in Minneapolis. Which is hilarious, cause it's an art museum, right?

Richie Diesterheft, Flickr (Resized)

Named after Minnesota native, entrepreneur and philanthropist Frederick R. Weisman, the art museum was designed by internationally acclaimed architect Frank O. Gehry. Gehry is responsible for other such architectural feats as the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA and the Dancing House Hotel in Prague.

Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, Youtube
Book Czech Republic Hotels, Youtube

So, really, we ought to be proud of a building such as the Weisman Art Museum. Still, the building is a lot to absorb. As one reader put it,

This one causes disorientation."

Dishonorable mentions included U.S. Bank Stadium and Hennepin County Government Center.


A quick poll of St. Cloud's ugliest buildings bore the following answers: Hellenbeck Hall (St. Cloud State University campus), Herberger's, Salvation Army Center, Division Street Strip Mall.

What would you name as St. Cloud area's eyesore?