Minnesota Nice at its best!

Ahead of Tuesday's playoff game against the LA Sparks, Minnesota Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve not only came to the rescue of a Lynx fan but non-nonchalantly one-upped her opponents in an embarrassing act of good will.

Stacie Theon recently took to Twitter after having troubles purchasing a playoff ticket for the Lynx's away game in Los Angeles.

To her surprise, Coach Reeve saw the tweet and responded, asking how many tickets she needed:

Theon replies, stating she just needs one ticket for herself:

The LA Sparks then join the interaction, providing Theon with a link where she can buy a ticket for the game.

At this point, you might think that the conversation is over -- Theon can get her ticket. But Coach Reeve -- in classic Minnesota Nice fashion -- jumps back in and soundly one-ups the Sparks:

Theon's response hardly seems exaggerated or un-appropriate:

The No. 7 seeded Lynx open the WNBA playoffs against the No. 6 seeded Sparks Tuesday at 9:30pm CST; that game will be broadcast on ESPN2.