Minnesotans are no doubt missing the Minnesota State Fair this year since it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Just ask Bruce Kleeberger. He's a Minnesota resident who decided to bring the fair to his backyard this year.

Kleeberger and his family decided to host a huge backyard party and create their own take of the fair. Their party included a homemade midway, 'Machinery Hill' and it wouldn't be the state fair without a beer garden.

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He posted the photos of his backyard state fair on Facebook and they've gone viral, gaining lots of attention hundreds of people who definitely understand where Kleeberger is coming from.

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Kleeberger photos include a homemade sign that reads 'Fairground' with more than a dozen helium inflated balloons attached to it. In the background you'll notice a large inflatable bounce house with tables set up for a party.

There's a backyard sign that reads 'Beer Garden' which consists of two coolers that we're assuming are filled with adult beverages.

Lee Roy Klee
Lee Roy Klee

The 'Machinery Hill' area is probably our favorite...Kleeberger just lined up his snowblower, lawn mower and golf cart in a row for his guests and neighbors to admire.

We caught up with Kleeberger who told us, "in recent years, experiencing the fair with our grandchildren has made it even more special to us. Missing the state fair together with our family this year along with all the other distancing challenges would have created a disappointing void."

It was Kleeberger's wife who thought their family could fill that void by having their own state fair party. So they incorporated their favorite things about the state fair into one backyard event.

Of course, it wouldn't have been a state fair party without deep fried food. They had sweet corn, mini donuts, deep fried cheese curds and cotton candy.

Kleeberger said his favorite party was, "most of all we were together. That's what [it] was all about. We're already talking about next year's."

He mentioned they are in talks of possibly adding a pony ride or dunk tank.

(Fingers crossed the real state fair can happen next year).

Kleeberger said his backyard fair brought lots of laughs and smiles for his family. The photos have done the same for people online. Facebook commenters had a lot to share!

 JoDee Wilhelmi Nelson wrote, "So cool! Good for you. I hope you charged people to park in your yard."

Barb Cooper is a fan, "I love your machinery hill".

Mary Haubrick was inspired, "Ha! Love it. We're having our own state fair next weekend".

Sarah Hunter commented, "I love how creative people are being!"

One thing is for sure, this Minnesotan definitely gave us a good laugh. Kleeberger said it best himself, "you just can't keep a Minnesotan down." We love your attitude!

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