A moving video shared by the Waseca Police Department on Facebook Monday shows Officer Arik Matson calling in his return home to Waseca PD dispatch.

Matson (33) was shot in the head on January 6, 2020 by Tyler Janovsky while responding to a report of a suspicious person. He spent the better part of the past seven months away from his wife and two daughters at a rehab facility in Omaha, Nebraska. On Monday, he received a hero's welcome home from his community of 8,900.

"Today is a great day" read's the Waseca PD's Facebook post caption. "Officer Arik Matson arrived home to Waseca to a hero’s welcome. He is our hero." Coincidentally, the date that Matson returned home was 10-18, which in radio police talk means "Return to Station."

"Of all days he could have come home in the last 288 since January 6th - how much more perfect could it be?" the post's caption reads.

In the video, Matson -- riding in a squad car -- is invited to "check on" and let dispatch know his "en route 10-19."

"10-19 back to Waseca," he says over the radio.

"Oh behalf of everyone listening, I would like to greet you back to the city of Waseca and home," answers the Waseca PD dispatcher with a shaking voice. "We have missed you and could not wait for this day."

"Thank you very much," Officer Matson replies back. "I'm very happy to be back in Minnesota."

Upon his return home, Officer Matson was celebrated with a hero's welcome including an emergency vehicle escort down State Street where the public were invited to line the streets (socially distanced).

"The day we have hoped for is finally almost here," said Chief Penny Vought in a statement. "Arik will soon be home with his family, his law enforcement family and his friends. We have missed him tremendously and will continue to support him as he recovers from his injuries."

A GoFundMe set up on behalf of the Matson family for a new, reliable vehicle to get Officer Matson to and from various appointments is over half-way to it's $80k goal.

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