Last week, the Minnesota State Fair said goodbye to 2020's makeshift get-together and issued an early welcome to next year's event.

"We extend our sincerest gratitude to the guests, sponsors, vendors, media and other supporters who helped make our first-ever Food Parade a huge success," organizers posted on social media of this year's alternative event. A one-minute video offers a glimpse of what this year's drive-thru food parade looked like.

"It was so fun and very efficient," said one fan in the comment section. "Good work everyone!"

"Our family had a blast at the Food Parade!" said another, sharing a photo. "Thanks so much for the FUN! It was delicious and very well organized."

Brenda Tschida Linn via Facebook

"We had a great time," praised a third." Thanks for all the hard work you put into organizing this!"

Laura Hammer via Facebook

In another video posted to Facebook, the Minnesota State Fair said goodbye to this year's event and announced next year's dates.

"Farewell, 2020. Hello, 2021." reads the video's caption. "We'll see you at the Great Minnesota Get-Back-Together." The dates for 2021's State Fair event will be August 26 through Labor Day, September 6.

Following the Great Minnesota Get Together's example, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival announced its own alternative parade experience this year.

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