ST. CLOUD -- Another section of 33rd Street South in St. Cloud will be reconstructed.

The corridor from Stearns County Road 136 to 26th Avenue will be built this summer. The final section between 26th Avenue and Cooper Avenue will be finished in the summer of 2021.

City Engineer Steve Foss says there are a number of reasons why they phased the remainder over two seasons. One of those is to maintain some traffic flow in those neighborhoods.

Foss says another reason for dividing up the project is due to the large amount of poor soil that will need to be removed and good soil brought in. He says that takes more time than if they can build the road on top of the existing soil.

The project plans and specifications are expected to be approved at the St. Cloud City Council meeting Monday and bids will be let this spring.

This summer's work is estimated to cost around $5.6-million.

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