It's probably not always a good idea to use Google as a life coach but it certainly is a great source for information. A study shows the most common question starting with "Should I" that people have Googled the most in every state. And Minnesota is...


Way to go Minnesota! That's a smart question. Unlike some of the other states. Here are the highlights from other states. Some are down right ridiculous.

  • Pennsylvania asked... "Should I have a baby?" 
  • Virginia asked... "Should I Nap?"
  • Arizona, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Ohio asked... "Should I cut my hair?"
  • Washington asked... "Should I delete Facebook?"
  • Texas asked... "Should I apologize?"
  • Illinois asked... "Should I break up with my boyfriend?"
  • Florida, Georgia, and New York asked... "Should I text him?" 
  • Idaho, Maine, New Mexico, Oregon, and West Virginia asked...  "Should I care?" (this one is my favorite)

Check out the rest of the country here.