Many of us have had to change some of the activities and hobbies that we do -- and sometimes where we do them -- during this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. For the things that we did before the COVID hit, there has been a considerable increase in those activities.

People are reading, playing games, exercising, watching TV, and doing arts and crafts projects a lot more. The last one is definitely the case with my wife's Grandmother.

One thing that she has been doing that's a brand new thing for her is making masks. And she makes good ones. But that's not surprising, she's a gifted seamstress and a wizard on her FIVE different sewing machines.

The masks are not only comfortable, but they have a form-fitting wire along the top that you can shape to your nose. She can also make custom masks from whatever you give her. Maybe an old t-shirt or something with a logo on it or a particular pattern you like -- like the one that I'm wearing in the photo.

Photo by David Black

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But that's not the only way this talented woman keeps her self busy. She also makes Barbie doll clothes and furniture. She's started doing it back in the 1960s. Of course, she's has gotten a lot better since those early days.

As you can see from the photos, she does excellent work. Not that I'm an expert or even a novice on the subject of Barbie Dolls, but it looks really good to me. She also does -- yep, you guessed it -- customized clothes and furniture.

Photo: Meri W
Photo: Meri W

My daughter has a few of the pieces of her art. I say art because when someone puts that much detail into something, it's an art to me.


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