MILACA -- The Minnesota Department of Transportation is announcing three new Reduced Conflict Intersections along Highway 169 near Milaca.

The RCIs, also known as J-turns are designed to decrease fatalities and serious injuries caused by broadside crashes on four-lane divided highways.

Drivers always make a right turn, followed by a U-turn. It prevents drivers from having to wait for a gap in both directions to cross.

One of the new intersections is at Highway 169 and County Road 11 north of Milaca. The other two are Highway 169 and County Road 12 and Highway 169 and County Road 13 south of Milaca.

Starting this fall, an RCI intersection will be built along Highway 23 and Benton County Road 8, just east of St. Cloud.

For a video on how these new intersections work, visit our website at and look for a link to MnDOT's project page.

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