In the middle of a cold winter in February, it's odd to think about a warm weather drink that's made with ice. There may be a reason why Minnesotans love them, even in the winter.

If you think about it, a margarita is really no different than any other drink -- at least a margarita on the rocks. Just because it's cold outside in the dead of a Minnesota winter, doesn't mean we crack open a warm beer to keep ourselves warm. We're Minnesotans, and it doesn't matter what time of the year it is...we like our ice cold drinks year round! So I guess it's not all that odd that February 22nd is National Margarita Day.

Here's some stats from about how we prefer our margarita, from every angle possible:

  1. 76% of us like margaritas, and that includes one-third who LOVE them. 7% hate them.
  2. Two-thirds of us prefer frozen margaritas to ones on the rocks.  And only 3% of people JUDGE you for ordering a frozen one, so go ahead and get that blended peach margarita, Minnesotans don't judge!
  3. 26% of us always lick the salt off the rim...14% never lick the salt.
  4. 24% can't stop after just drinking one margarita, blended or on the rocks.
  5. And finally, 30% say it's the best happy hour drink no matter what time of the year.
Happy Hour Margarita close up

If you were looking for a reason to go out for a couple drinks on a Thursday, then I guess this is your reason! Be sure and ask your favorite central Minnesota bartender what their National Margarita Day special is, and if they don't have one then show them this story and maybe they'll come up with one quick, just for you ;)

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