WAITE PARK -- Some of the best people at racing remote control cars will be in town this weekend.

Thunder Road RC Raceway in Waite Park is hosting a "National Carpet and Turf Series" competition. It is the fourth in a four-part national racing series, with the other three being held in Las Vegas, Oregon and Connecticut. Spokesman

Steve Knutson says over 200 competitors from all over the country will be here, but he says there's also several local people competing.

We have a great following here locally.  There's five or six indoor tracks just in Minnesota, many people don't know that, there's one in Minneapolis, Woodbury, Foley, Fargo...

Knutson says competitors range from amateurs to professionals.

Knutson says the cars they'll be racing are likely not the remote control cars we all remember when we were growing up.

You can get it in two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, you can modify the motors, suspension.  It's the same parts as a regular car.

Knutson says the cars all have their owns teams from the pit crew to the driver.

The action starts on Friday with the finals on Sunday. If you want to check it out for yourself, it is free to go and watch.