Kate Middleton wore a blue jacket at a public event recently, but this blue jacket got an unexpected response. The  Duchess of Cambridge wore this coat on Sept. 6th, and outlet Page Six noticed it was the 4th time she had worn this blue coat.

Thank goodness I am not in the limelight, because there would be a whole lot of fashion shaming there. They wrote this story about the fashion choice posted about it on Twitter, but that's when trouble began. A lot of people thought public personalities never publicly more than once.She wore it in April 2014 for a WW1 commemoration event, June 2014 for a D-Day event and in February 2016 to honor RAF Air Cadets' 75th anniversary. They even add a bit of positive spin, writing, "Seems that stylish sustainability is a shared royal tradition" Really? Who are these people? It's kind of a backhanded compliment if you ask me.


Here are a few comments people made on the Twitter post that stood out.

She Should have lit it on fire and hurled the ashes into the sea, as I do with each coat I wear. - Deirdre


Good for her. It's a beautiful coat. Wear it often.  -Paulette Feeney


Shocking revelation: I have worn the same coat every cold day for years. -Matthew Prorok


The coat is like $3,000 she better wear it again and again. -Donna Stazzone


I am glad people came to her defense. What's wrong with wearing a jacket a couple times. I actually like her because of it. You do what you want, and wear what you want Kate. Don't let the internet trolls stop you. I think there is a lot of other newsworthy stories out there and to me this seems a bit petty. This is coming from this Minnesota girl that has already worn her coat 3 times this week.




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