I feel like I was physically attacked scrolling through Facebook this week. I was minding my own business, checking my feed to see what was happening when a pop-up ad for Bobby Jack shirts appeared.

My husband asked what I was reacting to on my phone and I said, "BOBBY JACK SHIRTS MADE A COMEBACK" to which he replied, "what are those?" I was then reminded that he was never a girl in the early 2000s.

These monkey-with-a-sassy-attitude graphic tees were the coolest thing to have in 2006/2007. Every girl in elementary school was wearing these. I had the exact brown one pictured above that I wore with a pair of brown gaucho pants and brown flip-flops. (I winced while typing that sentence. I thought you should know that.) I remember coming to the St. Cloud mall and buying these at the Sears store. Going through the racks, and picking the shirt that had the perfect saying to match my child attitude.

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I showed my husband a picture of the shirts and he said, "ohhhh I remember classmates wearing those."

Bobby Jack brought these shirts back as part of a "Vintage Limited Edition Y2K ( 2006-2007 ) Collection". Only 500 were made of each style making them a true novelty. (Another side note: it seems way too early for Y2K to be considered "vintage".)

The shirts are retailing for $20 a piece which I think is the perfect price point. I hate when things from my childhood get brought back, but companies charge exorbitant amounts of money for them. $20 for a nostalgic piece of clothing that fits my adult body? I can afford that. Now if only my favorite childhood shirt wasn't a crop top...

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