I love a good Etsy find. It's such a great site for trying to find unique pieces to give as gifts or get a little something to treat yourself. I did a search of "St. Cloud Minnesota" on the site and found a bunch of really cool vintage items from our neck of the woods.

Vintage St. Cloud Country Club Sweater - $30

ChitownclassicsCo via Etsy
ChitownclassicsCo via Etsy

This sweater might not be available much longer, because it is my size, and honestly I'm really digging the vibe of it.

Vintage 1989 Amateur Softball Association ASA National Masters Tournament Hat - $30

FreshFitsMN via Etsy

If you are into the "ironic vintage trucker hat" trend, this is the hat for you. It's in great shape for being a white hat from 1989.

St Cloud Minnesota vintage 1984 Child Care Choices Recipes To Grow On Cookbook - $18

insolentpheasant via etsy

Sick of the same old dinners week in and week out? Spice things up with a new old cookbook from the St. Cloud area. Printed in 1984 it features 240 pages of nutritious recipes for kids- and the whole family.

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16mm Film Documentary on 11' reel - "Track and Field - Basic Strategies for Men" - $30

Retrophiliac62 via Etsy

16mm Film Documentary on 11" plastic reel - "Track and Field - Basic Strategies for Men" - #1811 - Educational documentary, St. Cloud Minnesota -  Central Minnesota Educational Research and Development Council 570. Make sure you have the right tool to watch this.

Vintage Embossed Henry's Drugstore St. Cloud MN Medicine Bottle 3oz - $18.99

PrettyPoppiesVintage via Etsy
PrettyPoppiesVintage via Etsy

Vintage embossed Henry's Drugstore graduated medicine bottle with a partial cork. The seller says it is in excellent condition, but it has not been cleaned so just a head up there.

Saint Cloud, MN Transit Token Pendant Necklace - Repurposed Vintage 1940's St. Cloud Silver Tone Coin - $12.50

lucra via Etsy

This necklace is so cute. This bus token was first used in 1949, and this is the only token the seller has so if you like it, act fast.

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