St. Patrick’s Day is coming up March 17th it’s both a cultural and religious celebration. It falls on the date of the death of St.Patrick, who was a patron saint of Ireland. In the early 17th century it was made an official Christian feast. But these days people celebrate so many different ways. Some drink green beer and some wear green clothing.

According to a survey from National Today the data science team interviewed one thousand people to find out stats one everyone’s favorite green holiday and this is what they came up with.

How do the people feel about St. Patrick’s Day?

24% say they love it

68% say they like it

6% say they dislike it

2% Hate it

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Here are some other interesting St. Patrick’s Day stats:

Wears Green Clothing 30%

Eats Irish Food 13%

Not  Celebrating  St. Patrick’s Day 12%

Pinch People Who Aren’t Wearing Green 9%

Plan on Getting Drunk 8%

Drinking Green Beer 8%

Going to a St. Patricks Day Parade 6%

When asking people what Saint Patrick’s Day means to them:

30% A Celebration of Irish Culture

13% No Idea but Fun to Celebrate

12% The Religious Feast of St. Patrick

9%  An Excuse to Drink Beer

I would have to say I would have said a celebration of Irish culture mixed with an excuse to drink beer.

At my house we typically wear green and send a picture of my kids wearing their St. Patty's clothing to my 100% Irish Grandma Nita. She loves it. We sometimes even go out to Jimmy's Pourhouse Restaurant and Irish Pub in Sauk Rapids for an Irish feast as well.

Here is a list of St. Patrick’s Day Activities:

  1. Go four leaf clover hunting
  2. Wear Green (hit up the Dollar Tree for fun hats, glasses and necklaces)
  3. Try a green beer
  4. Listen to Irish Music 
  5. Watch an Irish Movie
  6. Try some Irish dancing (that would be funny)



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