We found some missing photos and added them to the gallery. See how 96.7 The River's studio went from the old school to new cool.

New '96.7 The River' Studio

When I was told that The River studio was going to be renovated and upgraded, I naturally got excited. I mean who doesn't want to work in a new office with cool new tech in it? The old studio was old, falling apart and it just wasn't configured very well for multiple people. Plus, your back was to the window and that just felt weird.

I was told about this change about a year ago, and that it wouldn't happen until the end of 2019 or early 2020 (maybe). Our engineer, Doc, took the opportunity to dangle that carrot right it front me, knowing I would think about it all the time, and he loved every minute of it. There were many, many jokes made over the next several months (many are still made).

The coolest part personally, is Doc let me design it. He asked my opinion on almost every aspect of the studio (or I gave it to him a few times) and he actually listened. No engineer, I've ever worked with, would have let me or any other on-air person have that much say. Even though, that's exactly who should have significant input. After all, we have to work in it everyday.

I...finally...was told that it would happen in mid February. He still loved teasing me, leading up to it, saying "It looks like it's going to be summer, maybe fall, before it happens now." Like I said, he loves busting on me.

On February 14th, they moved us to a temporary studio and started gutting everything from the old studio. It was cool to watch the transition as the days passed. Then on the evening of the 24th we got the thumbs up to start broadcasting from there the next morning. I've been like a kid on Christmas since then.

The result of it all is a beautiful studio with all new, high-tech, digital equipment. It looks completely different and is configured nicely. It could have been an episode of Extreme Radio Studio Makeover, if there was such a show.

All of us at 96.7 The River cannot thank Doc and Sarah enough for all their hard work and long days they put into making this dream a reality. Seriously, you guys kick ass!! I would take another year of Doc giving me a hard time if I knew this was the result of it.