Just a few days ago, I wrote a whole article about how I’m still an Avatar fan 10 years after its release, and how the fact that the movie has been somewhat forgotten makes me more interested to see sequels. Today, we got our first looks at some of the new locations on Pandora where Avatar 2 and the other sequels will be set. Coincidence? There’s no way. Clearly, I made this happen. So: you’re welcome.

There are four new pieces of concept art, which the official Avatar Twitter and Instagram accounts shared online. All of them feature water in some way, and underwater areas of Pandora are apparently very important to the four Avatar sequels that director James Cameron currently has in production. Check out the four pieces below:

They all look as beautiful as you’d expect given the talent involved and the amount of time the Avatar sequels have already been in development. The original Avatar is ten years old now, but it still looks incredible, even on a smaller screen on Disney+. So one can only imagine what the new movies, with the benefit of a decade of new filmmaking technology, will be like on a big screen. Avatar 2 opens in theaters on December 18, 2021.

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