ST. CLOUD -- With less than two weeks until the first day of school, crews are working day and night to put the finishing touches on the new Tech High School. Outside the facility, landscaping is still underway, but the majority of the interior is complete.

Teachers have begun moving in, and furniture is starting to get set for incoming students. Principal Charlie Eisenreich says with many windows and interconnected spaces, the new building emphasizes transparency and making learning visible.

Here we have the woodshop area, and again we made it very visible for students. Every kid in this school that attends classes will walk by this room at some time during the school day and see students building.

Three color-coded learning neighborhoods will be replacing the traditional classroom setting. The site itself also allows for the addition of a fourth learning neighborhood in the future. Eisenreich says the last space to be finished up is the auditorium.

This will be one of the last spaces to be completed. When they started construction, they kind of started from the west and worked east, but it should be done by mid-to-late September.

The school will be open to new students on September 3rd, and returning students on September 4th. A grand opening ceremony for the public will be held at Tiger Stadium at 6:00 p.m. on September 16th. Self-guided tours of the building will follow.

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