Now that the local county fairs are done, it's time to focus on the big fair that features big foods...the Minnesota State Fair!

The Minnesota State Fair is one of the largest in the country, with attendance of nearly 2 million people per year.

The streets of the fair are jam-packed with people as far as you can see, and nearly all of them are there to try some of the most interesting food items available only at the fair. More than half of these foods are "deep fried" and "on a stick" of things you'd never expect to be able to serve that way.

If you're like me, you'll stick to what you know you like. I'd rather not pay upwards of $20 for a dish that I'm not sure I'll like. A majority of people feel just the opposite. They bring wads of money to spend on the oddest foods they can find. It only comes around once a year!

Some of the foods you'll come across this year include: Bacon Fluffernutter, Bowl O' Dough, Cheesy Nacho Corn On The Cob, Duck Bacon Wontons, Deep Fried (just about everything), and so much more!

The videos above are just a small sampling of the massive amount of food options at this year's Minnesota State Fair that starts on August 24th, and runs through September 4th.

For more information on the fair, visit their website at

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