It started with just a few states and some brands of romaine lettuce. Now the CDC is urging people to throw out ALL of it, in every state, because of an E. coli outbreak that has spread.

The number is now more than 100 people in 22 states that have been treating for E. coli. The CDC is saying it's a nation wide outbreak and now urging anybody who has romaine lettuce in their refrigerator to throw it out, according to KARE 11.

The main source of the lettuce comes from Yuma, Arizona and they supply romaine lettuce to many brands all over the country.

CDC officials had previously only warned about specifically "chopped romaine and salad mixes". After a correctional facility in Alaska reported many sicknesses due to meals served with lettuce from heads of romaine, they've now realized it wasn't linked to just the salad mixes, but also hearts and heads of romaine.

Romain lettuce leaf
Romain lettuce leaf

The E. coli outbreak is being linked to the Yuma grower only, so if you have romaine lettuce and are sure the source is not from Yuma, Arizona then it's likely safe. It may be safer to throw it out if you are not 100% sure, as E. coli is not a fun experience to take a chance on. This particular outbreak has put dozens of people in the hospital for days, and can cause terrible diarrhea, stomach cramps and vomiting.

If you'd like to look further into this outbreak, the complete details from the CDC can be found HERE.

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