The Night Shift with Craig Allen turns the spotlight towards those musical one night stands known as One-Hit Wonders. You can hear it every Wednesday night from 7 pm to midnight on 96.7 The River. Tonight it's the 1970s.

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What is a one-hit-wonder? Well, it depends on who you ask. People have different criteria when it comes to calling a song a one-hit-wonder.

For some, a song is a hit if it cracks the Billboard Top 40 chart, and that artist or band never has another song hit the Top 40 ever again. I don’t agree with that because there’s a whole bunch of songs that never charted higher than the mid-30s. Here are a few examples of songs that barely cracked the Top 40. Let’s see if you remember any of these.

I’m going to guess that you don’t remember any of those songs or very few. Just being on the Top 40 chart isn't good enough, its got to be at least a Top 20 hit. And still, others say the song has to be a Top 10 hit without ever having another Top 10 hit song again.

I lean towards the last one in terms of my criteria for a one-hit-wonder. But then again, some songs that did not hit the Top 10 are still being playing today. I consider that a hit.