What can we say, Minnesota has a taste for the finer things.

The Daily Meal just released the results of a study on the states and what fast foods they were reaching for during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Minnesota, we gravitated towards Taco Bell. It probably helped their case offering free tacos on Tuesdays for a period of that time.

Here was the methodology used to determine these results:

Market research company Top Data analyzed the year over year average percent change in the number of visits experienced by each fast food restaurant chain. This particular data set compares June 2019 to June 2020. Alaska and Hawaii were not included.

Taco Bell was actually the favorite amongst the Midwest states.

Illinois: Wendy's
Iowa: Taco Bell
Michigan: Taco Bell
Minnesota: Taco Bell
North Dakota: McDonald's
South Dakota: Culver's
Wisconsin: Culver's

Overall Sonic was a big winner across the country winning in 14 states.

I am a HUGE Taco Bell fan, and actually didn't eat there at all during the Stay At Home Order in Minnesota. I know, I'm ashamed. To be fair, I tried a few times and the line at the Hwy 10 location in St. Cloud was always wrapped out of the parking lot and I didn't have time to wait. When it came to delivery I always opted for a locally owned restaurant.

What was your go-to fast food during the Stay at Home Order? Share it with us on the River mobile app!

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