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Fired Up About Snow Removal?
This gives a whole new meaning to being fired about about snow removal. I saw this video on Twitter this morning.
Being born and raised in Minnesota. Spending the majority of my life in this state I have a love hate relationship with winter
Double Beds in a Movie Theatre, Really?
Don’t get me wrong I love cuddling up in bed and watching a flick with my family. But, a Double bed at a movie theatre? It just sounds like an expensive nap to me. I would struggle at staying awake for that movie that's for sure.
A theater chain in Switzerland is changing the way people see movies in…
The Weekender: Scrap Arts Music, BoDeans and More!
There is lots of fun an exciting things happening around central Minnesota this weekend to check out. Enjoy some great music by the BoDeans' at Paramount Theatre, see some unique artists with Scrap Arts Music, enjoy a comedy show in Cold Spring with Don't Hug Me, see classic toy trains at …

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