I know St. Cloud has it's share of crime and some very odd things go down here once in a while, but what happened in Minneapolis on Monday better never take place here.

According to StarTribune, an ambulance was struck by bullets on Monday while on a medical call. The ambulance call and the shooter seem to be unrelated, but never-the-less makes it a heinous act regardless, that should be considered off-limits, even to gang bangers.

The shooting happened near Loring Park, where Hennepin Avenue S. meets S. Lyndale and Groveland avenues.

As reported, the ambulance didn't have it's sirens on, and the medical emergency wasn't high-level requiring the flashing lights. The bullets were shot through the windshield. No other details were given about the whereabouts of the paramedics when the ambulance was shot.

Whatever makes somebody with a gun think this is a 'funny' thing to do - puts them in a 100% insane and inhumane category that deserves to be put away for life. Your gun-touting mindset WILL land you in an ambulance someday, leaving these same people trying to save your life. Karma is a b*%ch man, and you just challenged it.

Dear St. Cloud...Do me a favor and pledge that *if* you decide you want to be a low-life thug, that you'll never go anywhere near this type of crime. I say this to save your own soul, and the body you're likely to need saving someday.

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