Prince's music vault, which originally was at Paisley Park, then moved to California by court order, is in danger of being consumed by the fires burning in California.

After Prince's death, a vault containing unreleased master copies of his music was found at Paisley Park. That vault was moved to a Mountain Iron facility in California this past fall, by the estate's management company -- Comerica Bank & Trust, according to KSTP.

Prince has two half-sisters, Sharon and Norrine Nelson, who have been very vocal about Comerica's decision to move the vault to California, and wish to see the vault moved back to Paisley Park in Chanhassen, Minnesota, where they feel it should be again. The value of the music contents in the vault is approximately $200 million.

The petition to have the vault removed from California because of concerns of it's safety, due to the wild fires right now, we're denied yesterday by Carver County Judge Kevin Eide.

Prince's heirs were also scolded by Judge Eide for bringing the concern directly to the court without discussion with Comerica Bank & Trust prior, and said they will be sanctioned if this is done again in the future.

The California wild fires are still burning uncontrolled, now taking over areas from Ventura down to San Diego.

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