Prince is gaining more recognition than ever since his death. This time his shade of purple is in the Pantone color palette with a name dedicated to Prince.

Pantone is the universal adapted color system for everything from graphic designers, to digital paint palettes. If it's a color, there's a Pantone color shade that corresponds with a number.

When Prince was alive he preferred the color "purple", which was obvious early in his career with his movie "Purple Rain". Over the years he refined his preference for the color to a specific tone, which was used in his love symbol logo. He also had a custom made Yamaha piano that was the same color. Pantone's new color is dedicated to Prince and his love for that specific color and has called it "Love Symbol #2".

Prince Pantone color
Prince Pantone color

If you wish to use the closest match of the color for any graphic design, the image above is the best I've been able to find within Adobe Photoshop, based on the official color swatch released from Pantone here.

Since Prince died on last year at the age of 57, much has happened to memorialize the icon. His Paisley Park studio/home located in Chanhassen, Minnesota has been turned into a museum, First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis has had regular shows dedicated to Prince, and now a universal Pantone color. I have a feeling this won't be the last memorial to Minnesota's beloved Prince (Rogers Nelson).

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