According to one photo on Reddit, this year's crop of pronto pups is looking healthy and nearly ripe for picking.

Lars Knutson, a pronto pup farmer in Morten, MN says, "Oh, I'm very pleased wit dis year's crop. Da pups are looking real tasty, yah sure. Just a couple mer weeks, and I tink da pancake layer'll be more den ready fer da State Fair."

u/Packers67 via reddit
u/Packers67 via reddit

His neighbor's corn dogs haven't been so fortunate.

"Poor Leif up da road -- his corn dogs haven't been looking so good dis year. I tink da cornmeal mix was too runny. His dogs are lookin' a little tin dis year, yah."

As per the Minnesota Nice culture, though, Knutson assures that his neighbor has nothing to worry about.

"I've offered to split my State Fair earnings wit him if he'll just give me whatever hoddogs he don't sell. I'll use 'em as fertilizer fer next year's pups crop."

While pronto pups and corn dogs are nearly identical to the eye, the major difference is that pronto pups are generally sausage wrapped in pancake batter while corn dogs are hot dogs wrapped in cornmeal.

The Minnesota State Fair runs Thursday, August 22 through Monday, September 2.

(This article is satire. Lars Knutson is a fictional pronto pups farmer. Morten, Minnesota is a real place, but -- to our knowledge -- there are no pronto pup fields there. Pronto pups do not grow in fields. The photo above is of a common cattail. The corn dog crop is doing just fine.)

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