If you’ve been on a walk in your neighborhood this week, you might have noticed rainbow pictures in the windows of your neighbors homes. This is to help spread love and hope.

Photo: Alli Mae
Photo: Alli Mae

Coronavirus has got many people self-isolating here is a way to keep in touch with people and sending out good vibes to people out there doing the same.

With our children social distancing and their schools closed, children are staying connected with one another by putting their best paintings and pictures of rainbows in their windows for others to see.

This trend is definitely going to keep people smiling while spreading hope for those out on walks and driving by.

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So where did the rainbow idea start? It’s believed to have begun in Italy with the trend now being popular all over the world. Even right here in our neighborhood here in Minnesota.

Might be a fun art project today and post them in your windows for your neighbors to enjoy. Post your pictures online with hashtag #chasetherainbow.

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