If you have some need for speed, as they say, why not try some Go-Karts?!  The weather has finally warmed up enough to where we can plan some racing times out at Stockholm Karting Center located in Cokato, Minnesota.

They announced on their Facebook page that they are planning on opening this weekend, April 13th for the season.  They do also mention that it's with "weather permitting", but the weather forecast for this weekend looks perfect for this type of activity.

If you aren't familiar with the Stockholm Karting Center, they are nicknamed "Minnesota's Best Hidden Gem".

They do specify that people who are planning on using the Go-Karts need to be at least 14 years old and at least 58 inches tall.  They are very popular when it comes to private events too.  That way you have 2 hours on the course all to yourselves.  There are already several of those private events scheduled on their calendar.

This could be something different to do and just to have some speed and fun racing around the course on some fun Go-Karts.

Generally a session on the course is 8 minutes.  That will cost a racer $22. If you are wondering if they give you all the equipment you will need, yes they do, and make it as safe as possible for everyone.

We provide the karts, helmets, and expert instruction – all you need to bring is your racing dream! Stockholm Karting Center offers the best  rental karts in Minnesota, capable of speeds up to 40 miles per hour!

If you are interested in the racing, they have a schedule for that too, leading up to a championship later in the season.  You can check out the schedule for that on their website as well.  

Let the Go-Kart season begin!

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