This coming Sunday is going to be a game of fury and payback for an unfair game that took place 8 years ago in New Orleans...a game that all Vikings' fans remember well.

Much like this year, Minnesota was likely to get to the Super Bowl, and a win against the New Orleans Saints would be the ticket to get there.

We had the infamous Brett Favre on our side and an amazing season with him at the helm, but he was just part of the problems in an error-riddled game that day. The referee staff was very lopsided, missing some very key calls and giving the Saints points they shouldn't have had.

Yes, Favre played like a sloppy gunslinger that game, but we still should have won that game, not even having it go into overtime. In fact, the NFL changed rules in overtime following that game!

The video above is interesting because it shows the bad calls, as well as just how many illegal blows that Favre took. I'm looking forward to getting some payback on Sunday against the Saints, in our house, during a game that will put us right back in the NFC championship game. It's our year to get to the Super Bowl, and our Vikings aren't going to let anything get in the way.


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