With hair salons finally re-opening within guidelines, Minnesotans everywhere are trying to get themselves in for a long-overdue cut.

While the wait for an appointment is certainly universal (the soonest I could get into my favorite salon in Monticello was three days out from the day I called), the wait appears even longer in more populated areas like the Twin Cities.

A screenshot posted to reddit by reddit user u/evadoMN shows just how dire the quarantine cut situation is.

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"Not getting a hair cut today!" reads the caption of the screenshot which appears to show wait times across the metro area for Great Clips hair salons. While a few locations are indicated as "Closed" most indicate wait times of over 120 minutes! Real wait times, however, may have been significantly longer.

"I went yesterday," shared reddit user Rye-Rye-Rocco. "Did the online check-in at 10am, got in the chair at 6pm. The frustrating part was that it would show a time like 188 minutes, then count down, get to about 130 minutes and then shoot back up to 180+ minutes. Did that all day until 6pm. In any case, my experience was a 8 hour wait for a haircut. I would have to add that I've never been so excited to get a haircut!'

Per our sister station WJON, one of the biggest changes to expect coming into the hair salon under COVID-19 guidelines will be the check-in process. Customers at some salons will be asked a series of screening questions, asked to wait in the car at arrival, have their temperature checked and given hand sanitizer and a face mask before entering. This is, of course, all for the safety of not only the customer but the hair stylists as well.

In the meantime, consider supporting a local business and saving yourself some money when you buy a certificate for your next hair appointment at the Value Connection!

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