Get your garage sale group ready, a season of steals and deals is right around the corner as the weather warms up.

Sartell has announced that their city-wide garage sale will be happening again in 2021, June 9th - 12th. In addition to people hosting garage sales in their own driveways, the Sartell Community Center will be open for booth rentals inside the gym June 9th and 10th. If you are interested in hosting your sale that way you are asked to call 320-258-7331.

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My fanny pack is so ready for this, I love garage sale season. For me, it's like a treasure hunt. You don't know exactly what you're looking for, but with $20 cash and a mid-morning worth of time to kill, you are bound to find something that fits your home and life perfectly.

Last year I didn't intend to go garage sale hopping around the Rice/North Prairie area, but I was driving through and I knew I just had to stop. I also saw a bike for sale that was drawing me in. I didn't get the bike, but I did and found a lovely rose-colored glass vase that I have proudly displayed in my basement. You just never know what is waiting for you on those plastic folding tables.

In addition to Sartell's City Wide Garage Sale, there is a 100-mile-long garage sale happening in Lake Pepin that would be a great weekend for bargain hunting. That one is coming up in May, and you can get more information on it here. 

Happy garage sale-ing!


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