SARTELL -- You'll now have seamless access to Sartell-St. Stephen Schools, as the district is launching its own app for apple and android.

The district's app is free on both the app store and google play. After downloading it, parents, students and community members have access to almost everything the district has to offer.


If you're a parent you'll be given a special log-in to access a protected student portal. District Spokeswoman Sarah Kleppe says this will make things very convenient for parents, especially if they're in a rush.

"So if you're looking for a library book and don't know what it looks like and you're trying to get your kid ready for school, now you can click on the app, it'll have a history of their library check-outs and a screenshot of the book's cover, so you can know exactly what you're looking for during that get-to-school rush."

Kleppe says if you're not a parent, but maybe an alumn, or just concerned community member, the app is great for you as well.

"You can keep up with athletics, if you're a football alumn, you can keep up with scores. If you're interested in a particular issue on the school board, you can subscribe to their feed, if someone wants to know when breaks are, that's all there as well."

Director of Technology Kyle Breitkreutz says the app features a tip line that means administration can react faster to issues.

"I can take a picture [of the issue], give my location when it happens, and whether a student or staff member uses it [the tip line], it immediately notifies three different administrators and our police patrol."

Breitkreutz says to protect the tip-line from fakes, they can work with the developer to find out where and who it came from, in the event someone tries to play with the system too much.

The new app has a calendar, a "Sabre Central" page, a news feed, staff directory, and pages for each school in the district. You can find out what's on each school's breakfast and lunch menus, look at grades and put money in lunch accounts, along with other features.

You can also personalize notifications on the app, down to single topics at each school.

Photo: Richard Leguil, WJON
Photo: Richard Leguil, WJON

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