SAUK RAPIDS -- A 2010 graduate from Sauk Rapids-Rice High School is on his way to becoming a rock star.

Tyler Azure moved out to Las Vegas over a year ago with the band Code Red Riot, and from there signed a multi-record recording contract with Sony. The band has been working hard wrapping up their first album and shooting several music videos.

Azure says while working with a major label was intimidating, filming the videos brought it all into perspective.

That's when I had the moment of wow I'm really doing it. Seeing the cameras, lights and extras. I almost go teary-eyed cause this was everything I've been trying to do the last 12 years.

Azure has been playing guitar since he was 13-years-old, after watching another Minnesota Icon perform in concert.

My dad and I went to a Prince concert right before my 13th birthday. They played Purple Rain, I saw Prince do this awesome guitar solo and I was hooked. I told my dad I wanted to play guitar and do what he just did.

In his downtime, Azure is currently filling-in playing guitar for the band Hairball for the next four shows starting Wednesday in Kansas.

He says the band's first music video will debut Friday and the album drops at the end of the month. The band will then starting touring with another group.

Azure says he is humbled by the opportunity to live out his dream and is excited to see what the future holds.

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