If you're one of the 110 million Netflix subscribers, it's likely you'll see this scam that's hit the email box of many of it's members. Here's how to NOT fall for it.

If you're like my wife and I, you pretty much live on Netflix. We rarely watch our cable TV channels and primarily search for something to watch on Netflix or Amazon. If we received an email from Netflix saying "Your suspension notification" we'd be concerned pretty quickly and look into it. This is exactly why this latest scam is getting a lot of people falling prey to it.

It's not the most well written email we've seen, but it's good enough to persuade people to click the link in effort to not see a disruption of their service.

Once you click the link, you're taken to a website that looks like Netflix...but it's not, it's a spoof website. You're asked for your login and credit card information. Once you do that you're told that your Netflix account has been reactivated, even though essentially it never wasn't deactivated, and now they have your full information and identity theft starts quickly.

This isn't just a Netflix scam, this is a common email scam known as "phishing" and it's popular because of the high success rate of these thieves. In the particular case of Netflix, they have a helpful page on how to avoid these scams and keep your account secure with them.

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