School Boys Basketball is hosting a pair of summer leagues beginning August 3rd. The program will have both a three-on-three league and a five-on-five league at various locations throughout the month of August.

Kids from K-12 are invited to participate with games taking place Tuesday and Wednesday nights at Seberger Park, Southside Park, Timberwolves Park and Carlin Park. Jerseys and snacks will be provided and transportation can be arranged if needed.

Full teams can register HERE, while individual registration can be found HERE. School Boys Basketball is also looking for volunteers and sponsors to help with the event.

School Boys Basketball was founded in 2014 to help high school-aged kids who maybe cannot afford traditional summer basketball to still have a place to play. Since then the program has grown to provide opportunities for kids of all ages and skill levels.

Chris Underwood, Sr. is one of the founders of School Boys Basketball. He spoke to WJON in 2014 and described how the program got started.

“I was one of these boys growing up,” Underwood says. “They are less fortunate and do not have the opportunity to play for those more expensive teams and I want to do something good for them.

“I knew they didn’t have the ability to afford the city teams, so I said ‘let me try,’ once I found out how easy it was and that I just needed to go out and make it happen…. I did it,” Underwood said.

The organization describes its' mission statement on its website:

Building young, successful men, not only on the basketball court but in life. Our program is designed to build character in the following ways; by developing leadership roles, instilling the right values and morals, teaching responsibility and commitment as well as discipline. These traits will go beyond the game of basketball. They will be applying these skills in everyday life, in our community, and most importantly, in the


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