She is TikTok famous and she is my favorite to watch after every Minnesota Vikings game. Talking about the one, the only Jackie! Found on TikTok at @cadillacjackk and her reactions are too good not to smile, laugh and be in a better mood if for some reason you're mad at our 10-2 record.

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New York Jets v Minnesota Vikings
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This week she is once again like every Vikings fan out there, having almost a heart attack wondering how we let our lead slip away in the second half. You'll also notice that she is a giant Justin Jefferson fan and she will be very vocal if anyone is not nice to him.

But I learned a few more things this go round, as in there is an "old faithful", a "bailey and barnum" on the team and maybe you can figure out who she is talking about before you watch the whole video through. Which I know you're waiting to see it, so take a moment to watch.


@cadillacjackk Typical Vikings game at this point 😂 #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #vikings #football #sundayfootball #minnesota #minnesotavikings @vikings @nfl ♬ original sound - CadillacJackk

It's already garnered over sixteen thousand views in less than 24 hours and will continue to grow. If you check out the comments you'll see even a Jets fan was looking forward to Jackie's reactions and that should tell you how popular they are!

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Another note worthy comment asked when Jackie would be going to a Vikings game this year, and we find out December 18 she will be going to the Vikes vs. Colts game and I for one can't wait to see what her reactions are going to be at a live game! But not to get ahead of myself...first up, we've got the Lions on Sunday at Detroit and here's to hoping we pull it off and clinch the NFC North early on for a change! SKOL!!

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