Between all the 'state fair deals' from businesses all across Minnesota, and manufacturers putting out new products soon, this is the month to buy these.

There's some great deals all throughout the year for us bargain shoppers, but September is a huge month for deals on these 4 things that we all end up buying at some point.

For some states, their state fair is in August, but for Minnesota it goes into September. That gives Minnesotans an even bigger advantage to spotting deals, as many businesses use the state fair to show how big of a sale they have going on.

  1. Televisions - Either September or November is the absolute best time to get that new TV you've been wanting. New models come out around Christmas, so retailers MUST get old inventory out a couple months before that.
  2. Smart Phones - Every year Apple and all the other Android phone manufacturers announce their new phone coming out in the next month. Apple specifically on September 13th this year. If you wait until after their announcement to buy a previous model, you'll save over 50% of what it originally costs.
  3. New Cars - The schedule for new models is much like TV's have. When that year's new car is getting near the end of the year, and new models are being brought in, you have much more negotiating power. Financing options usually are enhanced heavily too.
  4. Vacations - Most vacation destinations have their slowest month in September, due to children going back to school around Labor Day. This entire month is the best time to take a vacation and save some big money with crazy vacation deals all around the country. Even most Minnesota resorts cut prices around this time, trying to get a final draw of visitors before they close for the season.

Of course, sometimes you can't avoid needing some of these things at other times of the year. If you can plan ahead and show some patience, you can save thousands of dollars by waiting until now to buy many big ticket items.