LITTLE FALLS -- The Morrison County Sheriff is warning of some scams that are popping up around central Minnesota.

The Publishers Clearing House scam targets people with a phone call from someone posing as a representative of the sweepstakes and tells the victim they have won a prize. They are then instructed to go buy Amazon gift cards and provide the caller with the PIN numbers.

Other similar scams ask you to go buy gift cards with PIN numbers so the scammers can access the money on that card.

A Microsoft computer scam is also circulating where someone claiming to be with Microsoft calls you and says you need to install an update on your computer. Afterward, the download captures files on that computer and the scammer tells the victim to go buy gift cards to retrieve them.

The sheriff says to remember to never give your personal information or any financial data over the phone.

If you're a target of a scam, notify your local police department or sheriff's office.


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