The craziness of everyday ‘normal’ life, like parents working everyday and kids having their lives with their friends — in addition to living in this digital world full of social media and video games — can separate families.

It’s not necessarily done intentionally, it just happens. And before you know it, we’re so caught up in our different lives and world's, that we forget what’s important. Spending time together.

Then comes COVID-19. And while it sucks in so many ways, it’s something that can be a positive thing and bring families closer together.

Personally speaking, this ‘social distancing’ has allowed us to get together more as a family. We’ve played more games lately, watched more of our family shows and movies. (We had a fun, smack-talking, competitive game of SORRY tonight,,,see below)

And here's a bonus, the kids have cleaned up the house a little more.  I know that's not what this is about -- but hey -- it is a benefit. We have to look at the positives in this whole situation, and I think that is one of them.

And hopefully, we use this time to not only bring our families together, but make all of us rethink what's important in our society.

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Our SORRY game was really intense. This is what our game looked like after going through the deck once. I'm yellow and I am completely dominating. I was getting all the love.

My daughter is green, my wife is red and my son is blue (yep, he was doing that bad)

Family game of sorry


Then after two more times through the deck, it's a completely different game, with all of us in a position to win (even my son came back).

But in the end, my wife pulled off a "fade-away...11-pointer" for the win.

Yep, I choked big time. And even though it was sucked to lose like that, we had a lot of fun just hanging out together. .

Sorry game