I said last week -- "...we knew we were not out of the woods yet. We're Minnesotans and we are NEVER out of the woods -- well, until we actually are."

Well, we might be out of the woods. At least, according to the forecast for this week -- and beyond.

This week's forecast calls for some precipitation, but also some sun and some warmer temperatures. Plus, the weekend looks pretty good.

Just like last week, it's not like we can go a lot of places -- and we shouldn't because we should be practicing 'social distancing' -- but you can go outside. So, go for a walk, get some fresh air -- just stay away from other's when you do it. : )

Here's this weeks forecast from the National Weather Service.

Monday: Cloudy to start, with clearing later. High's around 45. Light winds
Tuesday: Cloudy, with 50% chance of rain. High's around 50. Light winds.
Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, with a chance of of rain, maybe snow and a high of around 41. Light winds
Thursday: Calls for partly sunny skies with a high of about 43.
Friday:  Chance of rain and maybe snow in the morning, otherwise partly sunny and a high around 46. Light winds
Saturday: There is a chance of rain/snow, but should see partly sunny skies with a high of around 44. Light winds.
Sunday: The weekend ends nicely with mostly sunny skies and a high of around 50
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