We have just over a week before everyone becomes Mexican (kind of like we are all Irish on St. Patrick's Day).  And celebrations will be happening all over the St. Cloud area.

Margaritas, cervezas (beer), salsa, tacos, chips, pico de gallo and more will all be flowing very soon.  Plus, lots of specials that can be had all around the St. Cloud area.  We all know how many chicken places we have around town, ,that is also true of Mexican restaurants.  Yes, some are a lot more authentic than others, but there is probably one very close to wherever you are, and you can take part in all of the celebrations and probably some great deals at these establishments.

I did a little search, and these are a couple of the events that I have found surrounding May 5th. I'm sure more will be added within the next week or so.

So far...

Bad Habit in St. Joseph - looks like they are having 2 hot beers... but maybe that is lost in translation.  But either way, looks like they are doing a 2 for 1 deal.

Obbink Distilling in St. Joseph is having a "CRUSH ALS" event the day before, on the 4th, but the event is Crush ALS on Cinco De Mayo, it's actually Cuatro de Mayo, but splittin' hairs there.  Saturday is probably an easier day to have the event.  It includes, a bean bag tourny, taco bar and entertainment.  Raising money for those who are living with ALS.

We have several Mexican restaurants in the area, Mexican Villiage, La Casita, Gilbertos, the newest, Tequila Town, located in the former DB Searles building, Taqueria la Campechana, in Waite Park, El Loros, and many fast food restaurants too.  Anywhere you look, you will be able to find some way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo somewhere in the St. Cloud area.


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