I've have all kinds of animal allergies. And they range from severe (horse's, dog's and guinea pig's) to mild (cat's and rabbit's). It really sucks because I love animals.

I try not to let it stop me from doing some things. I'll go horseback riding occasionally. I just have to take some allergy meds, wear gloves and be extra cautious about not touching my face.

I've had cats for the last 22 years. They cause mild reactions sometimes, but nothing that bad that I won't own cats. Some people think the allergic reactions come from the hair or dander, but it's from the saliva. And we all know, cats love to groom themselves all over their bodies.

So when I saw the news about a new cat food designed to give people with cat allergies some relief, I was intrigued. Purina announced this new cat food that supposed to reduce allergens a cat transfers from it's saliva by an average of 47%. It's called Purina Pro Plan LiveClear.

Read more about it here and watch the video below. This should help add an extra layer of defense for those of us that deal with cat allergies.


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