So earlier this week some research came out from the South China University of Technology that songs with 120 beats per minute or higher will likely make you drive faster and recklessly.

Well first of all...duh. Fast songs can do that. And second, consider where their list of the top 5 songs that are the most dangerous is coming from...China. That's why when I saw the list I was like WHAT?! Seriously?

Don't get me wrong, there are a couple on the list that I can agree with but I felt there are more songs that make me and others drive faster than some on the list.


Here are the five MOST dangerous songs, according to them, but below that I put a list of songs that you think make you (and I) drive fast according to our Facebook post.

1.  "American Idiot", Green Day (agree)
2.  "Party in the USA", Miley Cyrus (don't agree)
3.  "Mr. Brightside", The Killers (agree)
4.  "Don't Let Me Down", The Chainsmokers (maybe)
5.  "Born to Run", Bruce Springsteen (maybe)

Here's what you said:
"I Can't Drive 55" - Sammy Hagar
"Thunderstruck" - AC/DC
"Get Over It" - Eagles
"Learning To Fly" - Tom Petty
"Up Around The Bend - CCR
"Highway Star" - Deep Purple
"Burning Love" - Elvis

Here's what I would add:
"Running Down A Dream" - Tom Petty
"Kickstart My Heart" - Motley Crue
"Sabotage" - Beastie Boys

The five LEAST dangerous according to the them are:

1.  "Stairway to Heaven", Led Zeppelin
2.  "Under the Bridge", Red Hot Chili Peppers
3.  "God's Plan", Drake
4.  "Africa", Toto
5.  "Location", Khalid.