Well, it might not be the BIGGEST lie, but it ranks right up there.  I'm talking about adding filters to your pictures that you put on your profile.  They misrepresent who you really are.

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 The dating app Plenty of Fish has now banned the use of filters. The idea is to drive more authentic photos.  Let's see who you really are.  I'm not on any dating sites, because I'm not in the dating world, but I know people who are, and I also know some of those people use filters on their faces.  I always have thought it's a bad idea. What happens when you get to the date?  You think your so-called winning personality is going to get you what you want?  If I were the person going to meet the previously filtered person, I would be kind of put-off by the "lie".

And here's another thought... if they are "lying" about their looks, what else have they embellished?  Those are FOR SURE going to be the thoughts of any potential person.

Well, I normally think you get what you pay for (Plenty of Fish is free) but this time I think they have done the right thing,