After Diggs scored the amazing 61-yard touchdown last night, the game was won, but their decision to take a knee instead of kicking a point after screwed the sportsbook.

Kai Forbath is hit or miss, so it made sense to not kick the point after following Stefon Diggs winning touchdown last night. There's no reason to chance any players getting hurt before the NFC championship game next week, and they had already won the game by an absolute miracle. The offense took a knee instead, not putting that extra point on the board.

For those who bet on sports, that decision to not take the point after cost a lot of money to those betting on the Vikings to win.

The betting line was the Vikings by 5.5 points, which meant that extra point would decide who won and who lost. Without that extra point, those who bet for the Vikings only had 5 points -- so those who bet on the Saints, they actually won the betting line.

There's also the very popular football boards. These are the boards with a string of single digit numbers along the top and also the side. Those who had a "0" for the Vikings row and "4" for the Saints would have likely won money, but instead lost out on the final quarter win.

Hey, what are you going to do??? That's why it's called "gambling", cause nothing's a guarantee!

The Vikings are favored to win next week in Philidelphia, making this the 2nd week in a row that the Eagles are the underdogs. A Vikings win will put them in the Super Bowl at U.S. Bank Stadium on February 4th.


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