Bah-Humbug! That's what I imagine the thieves saying to one another as they drove off with this Minnesota Santa's Sleigh recently. Chances are they didn't actually say Bah-Humbug but I'm sure they uttered another dubious phrase. What's real about this story is that a Minnesota Santa has found himself without a 'sleigh' for the holiday season, and that going to hurt his livelihood.

A GoFundMe has been set up for Jerry aka Santa after his car was stolen from a mall parking lot while he was playing the role of Santa inside.

The GoFundMe description of the events reads:

Recently (Dec 4th) while Santa, " Jerry Nobudy" was in his chair in his December job, his truck with everything in it was stolen from the mall parking lot. This includes not only his everyday clothes but also all his garb (costumes) and historical clothing for his others jobs, as well as his collection of "accouterments" (pirate gear). His camping equipment, tools, paperwork and other lockboxes were also in the vehicle.
A police report was filed, but unfortunately none of the insurance they carry covers it.
Jerry is currently without a vehicle to get to the scheduled events in January/ February. This is a devastating financial hit to them due to what was taken. They are not the type to ask for help, they have always been the ones to help everyone else in need over the years. If you can help in any way, financially, or just by sharing this with all you know, it would be greatly appreciated.
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The goal is to raise $10,000 to help Jerry and his family to get a new vehicle so he can continue working this holiday season and into the new year. If you feel compelled to make a donation, I'm not sure if you'll get extra presents under the tree but you will hopefully feel a sense of goodness after you make a donation.

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