ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud-based coffee truck is serving hundreds of free beverages to members of the National Guard, thanks in large part to donations from central Minnesotans.

Ryan Voeller launched Adventure Coffee MN, a coffee truck offering a full menu of hot beverages and baked goods, earlier this year. On a typical day, the truck can be spotted around the St. Cloud area, most notably outside of St. Cloud Hospital late into the evening. Voeller, a member of the National Guard, says he's been in search of a way to support his fellow service members, stationed throughout the Twin Cities in response to ongoing unrest in the wake of George Floyd's fatal arrest.

"I've been here, serving the (St. Cloud) community, and out doing my normal job, but it just didn't feel right," Voeller said. "You know, these guys are down there, busting their butts, to try and make the peace, and I'm just sitting up here serving coffee, acting like it's business as usual. It just bothered me a lot."

Voeller has made multiple trips to Minneapolis in the past few days, returning to St. Cloud to stock up on supplies in order to continue serving free coffee drinks, called "Protector Cups for MN National Guard."

Abby Faulkner
Ryan and family serve coffee out of their truck in St. Cloud (Abby Faulkner)

Voeller wouldn't share specifically where he's parking the truck, but says he served nearly 400 donated drinks during his first day in the metro.

"Basically, folks can prepay, I'll write a message on a cup sleeve for them, and bring it down to serve on a cup of whatever they order," he explained. "If it's cold brew, or a hot drink, it's from donations. If it's an energy drink, that will come out of my pocket. Whatever drinks I can put a sleeve on, that's what I'm giving away from the community."

To find out how you can donate a Protector Cup to a member of the National Guard, visit Adventure Coffee MN's website.

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