SAUK RAPIDS -- Ryan and Sharon Voeller are giving new meaning to the phrase "coffee to go."

The Sauk Rapids couple recently launched Adventure Coffee MN, a coffee truck offering a full menu of hot beverages and baked goods.

The plan for a coffee truck was hatched in April of 2019, Ryan says.

“I knew I wanted to do something adventurous with coffee. It had been running through my head."

"He started by bringing some coffee samples to my work," added Sharon, a nurse with the St. Cloud Surgical Center. "And it kind of just took off from there – actually very quickly. “

Adventure Coffee officially launched in January. Ryan and Sharon, along with their 10-year-old son Uriah, prepare and serve drinks inside of a fully-remodeled city of Litchfield public works vehicle.

The beans used to make Adventure's drinks are flame-roasted in a separate trailer.

“It gives the beans a really unique flavor," Ryan says. "It's very artisanal. The process isn't taking place in a typical cylindrical barrel, underneath heat. It’s not computerized. It actually takes some talent."

Abby Faulkner
Abby Faulkner

Adventure Coffee hosted their grand opening celebration at the St. Cloud Surgical Center in January. They plan to appear frequently at community events, and outside of medical facilities to help second and third-shift employees stay caffeinated.

The Voellers say they want Adventure Coffee to serve as a platform for helping people. Earlier this month, the couple camped out near the site of the Press Bar fire and served coffee to firefighters.

“Moments like that sum up why we're doing this," said Sharon. "We absolutely love coffee, but to be able to give something to someone – it’s so meaningful to us. We want that role in this community."

To keep up with Adventure Coffee MN, visit their Facebook page.






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